our mission.

When we founded 10K Architecture, we committed to establishing a client-focused firm, providing a high level of value and service. In our combined 25 years experience in commercial, institutional and residential architecture, we have found that all projects big and small are significant.

We chose architecture because it lends itself to limitless creativity, because buildings influence the way we live, and most importantly because we can help others realize their dreams. Happy clients are the greatest reward of our work. Only when we listen to and deliver on our client’s goals and needs can we enhance their daily lives through innovative, functional solutions.

So, why the name 10K? No, we’re not busy running 6.2 miles. But if we were, it would likely be around one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. Our name is at the root of what we love and what we do, and that is to design specifically for the place that holds both our homes and our hearts: the Midwest and it's spectacular landscapes, cultures and climate.